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With 29 years’ expertise in customs arena, CustomsMatters is the leading full customs clearance service provider in Ireland and the UK. Our accomplished personnel have a deep understanding of Customs complexities and are experts in providing the A, B, C’s of international trade: Automation – Brokerage- Compliance. AEO certified since 2009 we carry this gold standard with pride and conduct our business with this high standard in mind. Whether your company is importing and/or exporting our award-winning software solution myCustoms and our Professional brokerage and compliance team can provide purpose driven customs solutions to meet your specific requirements and assist you in all aspects of your trade compliance.

 We pride ourselves on our commitment to high-quality systems & procedures.  Our wealth of experience and understanding of the most complex customs procedures ensure accurate, time effective and cost effective customs compliance. This combination of regulatory savvy with procedural expertise will ensure that customs clearance of your goods will achieve the required fine balance of speed and accuracy.

At Customsmatters we firmly believe in a partnership approach that attempts to marry your product and transaction knowledge with our customs regulatory and procedural knowledge to achieve optimal results. The result is a perfect blend of ingredients that will best serve your companies customs control and compliance needs.

  • March 2018

    Business as usual at CustomsMatters, a Wisetech Global Group Company

    01/03/2018 09:20

    As many of you are aware, there are heavy snowstorms and adverse weather conditions affecting Ireland, the UK and Europe at large. Many businesses have closed or reduced cover as a result.

    CustomsMatters would just like to reassure our customers that it will be business as usual for all helpdesk and support enquiries that you may have. Phone lines will operate as normal and our ticketing system will be fully staffed.

    Please be aware that the Revenue and Customs helpdesk is not staffed at this time

    Finally, we hope you stay safe during the coming days.

  • December 2017

    Today we announced we are joining the WiseTech Global Group…
    “Becoming part of the WiseTech Global group with its vision and extensive reach across the global supply chain is an exciting step forward for CustomsMatters,” said Managing Director Stephen Tracey. “We will be able to accelerate our innovation to more powerful, integrated and automated functionality to our customers. With CargoWise One’s significant customs capabilities our brokerage and compliance team will be able enhance our service offering in Ireland and elsewhere.”
    Remaining under the leadership of Stephen Tracey, CustomsMatters operations will be integrated within the WiseTech Global group and CustomsMatters will continue to deliver its leading customs management solutions directly to its own customers, along with WiseTech’s powerful global logistics platform, CargoWise One.
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  • Customsmatters secured a refund of €1.2 million in duty

    From Customs for a client company

  • In excess of 2,000 tonnes of Cargo a day are

    Moved using myCustoms

  • 757 million tonnes of goods are

    Imported and exported annually using myCustoms

  • myCustoms processed a staggering

    10 million transactions in 2017

  • myCustoms helps convey goods to and from

    165 countries across 25 time zones

  • myCustoms facilitated a payment of €125.2 million in duties and

    Taxes to the Irish & UK Exchequers

  • 142 million litres of fermented, wine, beers and spirits

    Have been imported into the UK

  • In 2017 myCustoms handled

    €2.41 billion in imports

  • In 2017 myCustoms handled

    €9.37 billion in exports