We make Customs Clear

CustomsMatters is the leading full customs clearance service provider in Ireland and the UK.
With 27 years’ experience in the Customs arena, CustomsMatters has led the way in providing the A,B,C’s of international trade: Automation – Brokerage – Compliance and are AEO certified since 2009.
Whether your Company is importing and/or exporting, Customsmatters total customs solution, with our award-winning software solution myCustoms and our Professional Services Trade Compliance team, can provide purpose driven, Customs related, solutions to meet your specific requirements and assist you in all aspects of your trade compliance. As our tagline indicates “We Make Customs Clear”.

  • June 2016

    CustomsMatters makes the list of the Vodafone Epic List of Irish TravelTech Companies

  • April 2016

    Customsmatters were proud sponsors of the ILTA “Innovation in Action Award” at last night’s ILTA Awards Ceremony and are delighted to congratulate DB Schenker on winning the award in a very strongly contested category.  Congratulations also to all of the Category winners.

  • Customsmatters secured a refund of €1.2 million in duty

    From Customs for a client company

  • In excess of 2,000 tonnes of Cargo a day are

    Moved using myCustoms

  • 757 million tonnes of goods are

    Imported and exported annually using myCustoms

  • myCustoms processed a staggering

    10 million transactions in 2015

  • myCustoms helps convey goods to and from

    165 countries across 25 time zones

  • myCustoms facilitated a payment of €125.2 million in duties and

    Taxes to the Irish & UK Exchequers

  • 142 million litres of fermented, wine, beers and spirits

    Have been imported into the UK

  • In 2015 myCustoms handled

    €2.41 billion in imports

  • In 2015 myCustoms handled

    €9.37 billion in exports