January 2019

CustomsMatters – Brexit Preparedness 

Given the current uncertainty regarding Brexit and potential for a “No Deal” Brexit on March 29th, we would like to advise you of the steps we’ve taken to ensure that myCustoms is prepared for any of the possible outcomes.

In the event that Brexit does happen on March 29th, an important implication that we have considered is the increase in traffic that myCustoms will see as several declaration types will be required in much higher numbers than was previously the case. We have performed a set of load tests on our application and environment and the results show that our systems can handle an increased load of up to 15x without any significant performance degradation. This overhead will ensure that users will not experience any clearance delays related to queues in myCustoms.

In the event of a “No Deal” Brexit, there will also be some changes made by Revenue to the requirements for specific declaration types. There will be no changes to schema – all changes will be comprised of either changes to business rules or the addition of new codes. We are working closely with Revenue who have now released the associated documentation for the required changes. All changes will be implemented in the coming weeks and as the Brexit situation becomes clearer, we will advise you further on how these changes are applied to each declaration.

If you have any questions about Brexit preparedness, please forward them to our helpdesk – helpdesk@customsmatters.com