Professionally Managed Brokerage

As a trader, you appreciate the importance of good compliance. Nobody welcomes Customs or Revenue audits and, under the current code of practice, a single instance of non-compliance can result in an audit being extended to other tax heads and an increased period under review or both. This can lead on to demands for back-payments, interest on back-payments and even penalties, depending on circumstances.

Help and Advice:
  • We are here to help and our WCO trained staff and systems can help you navigate the ever increasing compliance burdens.


  • As an AEO company we marry your product and transaction knowledge with our Customs regulatory and procedural knowledge. This approach results in risk and penalty-free clearance and an enhanced reputation with the authorities.


  • CustomsMatters quality procedures are designed around the key Customs regulatory decisions required on a Customs declaration (SAD), in conjunction with our customers own controls, checks and balances. We create a customer specific operating procedure (CSOP) for each client, based on their needs and couple it with our considerable international trade and regulatory experience.

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